Is this a loan?
No, this is not a loan. Cash offered is for you to keep. There is no obligation other than using keypad broker / agent whenever you are ready to sell your home. If you never sell, you keep the cash.
Who is eligible to apply for this offer?
Any homeowner in a state we are operating is eligible to apply. We are currently operating in California but expanding rapidly and if we are not in your state, please check back in a couple of months.
How do you calculate cash offer?
We calculate cash offer based on your current home value but adjust based on other variables we gather about you.
What is this memo that you file on my house?
We file a Memorandum of commitment and lien (memo) on your house which serves as a public notice of our signed agreement and as a reminder that if and when you are ready, our agents will help sell your home.
What if I want to get out of the agreement?
Please read your agreement for payment associated with early termination.
Where can I find my agreement?
The agreement should have been emailed to you after you signed the agreement. You can also find it in the customer portal, once you log in.
How long will this agreement stay in place?
Please refer to your signed agreement for term signed. The term life depends on the state you live in.
Can more than 2 co-owners sign agreement?
Currently only 2 people can sign. We are working on letting more co-owners sign the agreement. Please email us with your request and we will let you know once we have deploy that feature.
Why is my mobile home not eligible?
Currently we don’t advance cash for a mobile home. Please email us with you request and we will let you know once that feature is available.
What if I move my house into a trust?
That’s fine, until trustees on the deed remain the same names as the original owners who transferred house into trust. If trustee names on deed changes to beneficiaries or anyone else at any time or for any reason, that person/s will have to sign a ‘signee confirmation page’ acknowledging their obligation to keypad agreement. If not signed within 20 days, it will constitute as an early termination event. Please see your agreement, available in the portal, to see termination fee charges.
What is the interest you charge?
There is no interest on this cash. Cash we offer is yours to keep. There is no obligation other than using keypad broker / agents whenever you are ready to sell your home. If you never sell, you keep the cash.
When will I get my money?
We will send money to your bank account immediately after you sign and notarize the agreement. Most people get their money within 24 hours. But may be slightly longer due to weekends, bank holidays and based on your bank’s processing times.
Can I change my mind after receiving the cash offer?
Yes, you can rescind the offer within 48 hours of signing the agreement. Please send us an email with written authorization that we can ACH back the money from the same bank account that we deposited the money. After 48 hours, early termination payment in your agreement will apply.
How do I get in touch with your company?
You can fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website.
Can I talk to a keypad agent even if I am not ready to sell?
Yes, you can contact us anytime. Keypad agents are always ready to help.

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